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Monthly plan is an indicative offer and requires an approved credit decision. Period 72 months, Down Payment 30%, Last Instalment 30%, Finance opening fee 249 €, Processing cost 13,99 € / kk, Real annual interest 6.90%, Office Fee 149 €

Financing Service

Parrotz finance requires a credit decision, which the seller obtains while waiting. A positive credit decision requires that you have managed your finances properly, a permanent job, a sufficient age (usually at least 21-23 years) and that you meet any other conditions of the finance company.

Why Choose Us?

One of the best interest rates

Get your car even without down payment

Fixed monthly bills, no surprises

We also Redeem the final debt of your current car

Funding is quick and hustle-free to set up, get your car immediately

Process Flow

Find your dream vehicle

Find your dream vehicle

Send us finance application request

Send us finance application request

Sign official documents

Sign official documents

You just made your dream come true

You just made your dream come true

You can apply for financing from the car page which you are interested in

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